Who we are and what we are doing

  • Exhibitions

    Promoting crafts and artisans to make linkages in the market
  • Kalash Products

    Working to promote handicrafts of Kalasha valleys to best utilize for economic support of families
  • KACoS

    Kalasha Academy for Computer Sciences
  • IWSF

    Indigenous Winter Sports Festival

Ishpata News Network

A youth lead media initiative that is working day and night to become voice of Kalasha valleys and adjoining areas. It always played very positive role specially during flood and earthquake 2015.


KPDN volunteers did wonderful job through out the journey.

OUR Strength

Committed volunteers

Our Activist

Leading the way forward

Cyber Kids

Coming Soon! innovative and change maker


Ishpata Youth Competition 2016 Concludes in Mumuret valley

Kalash valley first ever Ishpata youth competition concluded in Kalasha valley on 3rd may 2016 the competition was funded by AKRSP/EELY project with financial assistance of Global affairs of Canada. It was implemented by AVDP and organized by Kalash People’s Development Network, KPDN. First time there have been such competitionRead More

Kalash fight for their identity with Unesco bid

CHITRAL: Pakistan’s smallest religious minority, the Kalash speak their own language and celebrate their gods through music, dance ─ and alcohol, which they brew themselves in Chitral’s plunging verdant valleys. Here, the sexes mingle easily, marriage can be sealed with a dance, and women are free to move on toRead More

The Kingdom Of Flood: the impact of climate change on the globe/Kalasha valleys

By: Luke Rehmat The world over witnesses Kings of different eras. It was mentioned in science books that dinosaurs dominated on earth where we are living. History says that Kings were cruel and created much war and bloodshed in their Kingdom. Many species have been eliminated from the world withRead More

KPDN team crossing a foot bridge at Rukmu

KPDN and Culture of Resistance join hands to provide warm cloths to children of the Kalash Valleys

Mar 19, 2016 Pamir Times Feature 0 Bio Latest Posts Pamir Times Pamir Times is the pioneering community news and views portal of Gilgit – Baltistan. It is a voluntary, not-for-profit, non-partisan and independent venture initiated by the youth. Chitral: Kalash People’s Development Network (KPDN) has distributed winter clothes inRead More

Assistant Commission Chitral is inaugurating IWSF 12 days long winter sports festival

Ishpata Documentary on Kirik Ghal Coming Soon

Kirik Ghal Final on 24 Feb 16

Watch “IWSF snow golf report.” on YouTube

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Watch “IWSF 2012 Short Introduction” on YouTube

لیوک رحمت ایگزیکٹو ڈائریکٹر دیسی موسم سرما کھیلوں کے میلے میں برف گالف 2016 کے لئے محکمہ ثقافت خیبر پختونخوا کے ساتھ ایک معاہدے پر دستخط کئے . Posted from WordPress for Android

latest update

Watch “Public message from Luke Rehmat” on YouTube

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A young boy is crossing Rukmu river after recent floods and roads were damaged and all link bridges were washed away.

Desperation rises as Kalasha suffers post floods

AUGUST 13, 2015 BY PAKISTAN TODAY With winters around the corner and work underway all over Chitral, tough-to-reach Kalasha suffers hardships in getting necessary supplies Report says 30 link bridges, 10 suspension bridges damaged while 70pc of standing crops, large chunk of trees swept away KPDN CEO says Mumuret andRead More

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