About us

About us

Kalasha People’s Development Network, Founded in 2005 on a number of self-initiated projects, the Kalash People’s Development Network (KPDN) works in the Kalash valleys in the Northwestern part of Pakistan. The Kalasha are an indigenous group residing in the Chitral district who speak the Kalasha language and have managed to maintain their own separate cultural traditions. In 2009, KPDN established its office as a youth platform and currently works on developmental and conservation activities in the Kalash Valley.

cropped-kpdn-logo-final-1.jpgKPDN’s projects range from immediate disaster relief to cultural, educational, traditional sports and health activities in the community. It worked to include Kalasha in the National Database in Pakistan and added the Kalasha religion to the NADRA Database in February 2015. The organization continues to hold seminars and workshops on Kalasha conservation efforts. KPDN also helped the Kalash Medical Center, provided medical equipment, and organized free medical camps in the Kalasha valleys. The group’s other activities include working on Kalash women’s empowerment projects, and responding to flood disasters in 2010, 2013, and 2015 by helping mobilize locals and organizing relief and rehabilitation activities.

2010 to 2013 established Kalash Products Display Center, KPDC and worked on handicraft and dry fruits of Kalasha valleys through Kalash Products.

KPDN/TSDP organised trice indigenous winter sports festival, IWSF in past. More details are available on internet about the event did in past.

Our Team

Gul Nazar
A young energetic youth. She has been elected as a chairperson of Kalash People's Development Nework, KPDN in 2013. She has just finished her graduation from Quaid-e-Azam university Islamabad. Her interest is working on environmental challenges. She is also very interested to work on Kalasha handicrafts and women empowerment activities.
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Luke Rehmat
Founder & CEO
Luke Rehmat is working on number of initiatives. He is actively working as a Social Entrepreneur and Founder/CEO of Kalash People's Development Network, Kalasha Academy for Computer Sciences, KACoS, Ishpata News Network and working with number of other national organizations in District Chitral. Luke worked as District Network Coordinator of ALIF AILAAN (Transforming Education Pakistan), District Coordinator KHUDI PAKISTAN and District Coordinator Tabeeli Razakars of Pakistan Terek-e-Insaf, PTI. He is also working with a Ayun and Valleys Development Programme, AVDP as Language and Culture Development Officer. He recently joined state media Pakistan Television News, PTV News/World as a correspondent for Kalash/Chitral.
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Shamim Bibi
Education Expert
Shamim Bibi is working in Development Sector for last seven years. She has working experience with different National and international NGOs in Good Governance, Education and health sector particularly. She has done master in Education Planing and Management from NUML university, Islamabad . Currently she is working With USAID-CVP as a Program Officer. Her ambition is to promote quality education through out Pakistan by providing equal opportunities. She is also a member board of directors at Kalash People's Development Network.
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Taleem Khan
Language Expert
Taleem Khan is a young enthusiastic Kalasha youth working in Greece and he is also Language Expert at Kalasha People's Development Network, KPDN. His long experience in documentation of Kalasha language has been well appreciated. Kalasha Language Teacher at Kalasha Culture Saving Society (KCSS). Kalasha Language Supervisor at Kalash Indigenous Survival Program and Kalasha Language Consultant at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
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